by Tommy Young

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Recognized by artists around the globe ,In his newly released album 'Sage' ,Tommy Young blends a variety of genres while reflecting on some of life's most important journeys


released June 4, 2013

' Sage' album , Produced, engineered , mixed , recorded , and arranged by Harry Roberts at CRYSTALFIRE STUDIO , Austin ,Tx. . also recorded at PEDERNALES RECORDING STUDIO by Jared Dodd , Briarcliff, Tx. Mastered by Nick Landis at TERRA NOVA DIGITAL AUDIO, INC. , Design by Matt Eskey at FREEDOM RECORDS Austin, Tx. Manufactured by ANY and ALL MEDIA, INC. Austin, Tx.



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Tommy Young Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Sage ( original )

How do I get there from here
can I ask you , my small garden sage
he looked at me kinda weird ,
said the answer , is on the next page
can you see it like that
then I will tell you

When you feel good , you know that you should
sit there with nothing to say
and you feel high ,ya know you get high
happiness is saying goodbye

Throw it on the table
pick it up , to see what's underneath
and look beyond if you're able
cause up to now , you've been lying thru your teeth
when you said it like that
if that's how you mean it .

When it feels good , you know that you should
sit there with nothing to say
and you get high , just to get by
happiness is saying goodbye

So turn another page
see the same faces , doin' much the same old thing
see it's really not about your age now
what's matters most in life
is what you're doing in between
when you see it like that
it won't get you so mad
leave you so sad
and I hope I've helped you

When it feels good , you know that you should
sit there with nothing to say
and you get high , just to get by
happiness is saying goodbye
Track Name: Better

What would you like to hear
could you stop and listen
what is your greatest fear
something that's been keeping you down
What would you like to see
would you like to go there
what would you like to be
someone not just hangin' around

it get's better
it get's better
it get's better
easier to understand
what would would you like to feel
perhaps just sure of something
maybe a better deal
sometime when you're looking around

enjoy your younger years
learn from the things that happen
cause you'll be grown up soon
seasons just keep spinnin' around

it get's better ...

what would you like to hear
would you stop and listen
what is your greatest fear
something that's been holding you down
Track Name: Sound Travels
Track Name: Spare Change
Spare Change , brother leave me alone
spare change , cause I got no home
when it's cold outside I got no where to go
and I'm always alone

Spare Change , cheaper than your time
when our eyes meet thru the window
you always look away
don't ya see my sign

when I die , you're goin' to sweep me aside
shove me in a shallow grave with
a stone with no name
no one will know that I died
no record of my time here so far
or how I lived my life
Track Name: Indian Bluegrass
Track Name: Thousand
I've traveled a 1000 miles
but I'm still here
you're listening thru a 1000 ears
but you can't hear

you're watching thru a 1000 eyes
but you can't see
you're reading a 1000 books
still don't know who to be

help me
help me to reach
help me
help me to reach you

when I sleep
a 1000 years
will I still dream
Track Name: Desert Dance
Track Name: Sunrise
Track Name: Lighthouse
Light House

we could have been something
we could have been gold
you hooked up with someone
that left you cold

so where is he right now ( when you need)
need him the most
he left you last year
for the coast

come to your light house
you can stay here with me
come to your light house
when you're feeling empty

but you're stuck in this moment
and you're feeling scared
you look for some comfort
but find nothing there


what are you doing here tonight
I see you're alone
but not lonely
back at your home

Track Name: Dream
See the sunlight
slip in my room
it clears away the darkness , all around me
or years ago for all I know , there's no difference
I stare at the ceiling till I'm free
can you help me

I'm surrounded by
familiar sounds
your face I can't quite place , but I know you
Won't you sit here
just for a while ,
I may not talk too much , but I feel you,
I'm held inside this shell that has failed me
release me , if you can't heal me

I had a Dream
that we'd live forever,
it seemed so real
I'll wait for you
until we are together
but for now, now we must wait

I see the face
it's put on you
I know that you still love me
but it's hard, to get through
if I had a wish
just for today
perhaps just one more walk
that would be ,okay
and I'm just so sorry
for the way it's gone
please carry on
it won't be long

I had a Dream
Track Name: Sage ( live )
see original 'Sage' for lyrics...
Track Name: Hold On
Hold On

A child is born today
you look into his eyes
he can't see you , but he can feel you
so he holds on....

he grows up to go through the motions
of what is now his life
he's got a job he hates
but sometimes it pays
and he's got two kids and wife
sometimes he feels forgotten
but still dreams and prays
for what he's wanted all his lifetime
will come one day
perhaps it will
so he holds on....

life ends
the way it begins
with just me and you
I need more time
to say I love you
so hold on...